Tuesday, July 22, 2008

GENERAL A new blog is born!

This blog will consist of teaching and learning information of specific interest to adult education and the application of technology to adult education. It has been created to specifically complement a series of monographs soon to be made avaialble on the Ako Aotearoa Web site, currently available on the Flexible Learning in New Zealand Web site.

The monographs are:
  1. E-learning in context
  2. E-education and faculty
  3. Designing for e-learning
Each of these is linked to on the right. Two more monographs will also be produced as follows:

4. Online discourse
5. E-xtending possibilities

Both of these latter monographs have recently been funded by Ako Aotearoa and will appear toward the end of this year and mid 2009.

None of the information in the monographs will remain static, so the purpose of this blog is to present further thoughts, updates and additional information of interest to those who have read (or studied) the monographs and who see them as a valuable basis for understanding e-learning.

Each post will be identified initially by a number, or 'general' (such as this post). The number will correspond to a particular monograph section. My intention is to make this blog somewhat more focussed than my previous ones (eBCNZer, MasseySELF, and WizID), which are all now retired.

Comments and dialogue welcome!

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