Tuesday, August 12, 2008

1.1.1: Types of education, illustrated

The diagram in 1.1.1 differentiating between on-campus, distance and online education never really did it for me.

So, when I came across a much better way of diagramming the differences between on-campus, e-learning and distance education settings, I knew that the e-Primer needed updating. This diagram is from Bullen, M., & Janes, D. (Eds.). (2006). Making the transition to e-learning: Strategies and issues. Hershey, PA: Information Science Publishing, p.ix.

The diagram respects the extremes of the face-to-face classroom with no e-learning whatsoever, and the classic correspondence-style distance education that might make use of analogue technologies. In between, the relationships between e-learning as a classroom aid and online learning are well illustrated. You can also see why so much fuss is being made about mixed-model or hybrid learning; it is where e-learning, distance education and the classroom all intersect.

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