Sunday, January 3, 2010

5.1.1: Web 2.0 'suicide'

Happy New Year! Actually, that's probably quite a weird salutation given the title of this blog post... An app has been developed to help you delete your Web 2.0 presences, as reported at While the backlash against social media is probably not extreme, it is interesting to note that at least some users are wanting to backtrack from their online presences. Sad that Facebook has blocked site access to the app (as checked 3pm NZT 4 January)... now, that's not very social of them.

In an earlier blog (now removed and archived), I noted that many young people actually 'outgrow' their use of social media. A NYT article linked to from the DailyFinance one confirms that this is still the case. Can we continue to use the trends toward Web 2.0 and social networking as indicators pointing us toward 'Education 2.0', particularly as those trends seem to be slacking and people may becoming less involved in online participation as they used to be? Could it be that the growth of Web 2.0 connectivity is waning, plateuing, or even declining in actual time spent online?

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